Parallel Sessions

This page gives you details of the parallel sessions from the Showcase, with presenter details – you may wish to follow up on the topics addressed by contacting the Chairs or guest presenters.


Parallel Session A: Connecting and Communicating in a Digital Age – Workshop
Facilitated by: Pauline Rooney, DIT Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre

Effective communication is a crucial element of the teaching and learning process and an important life skill: without effective communication, ideas and thoughts are misunderstood or lost. Students may not understand curricular concepts, colleagues may misinterpret conversations or directions and students may misunderstand each other. With the explosion of social media and smart mobile devices in recent years, mechanisms for connecting and communicating have rapidly expanded so that we now have at our disposal a huge range of easily accessible tools. This workshop will explore new social media and emerging technologies as a means for enhancing communication with students and peers. Through hands-on activities and group discussions, participants will examine some of these tools and consider how they might use them to enhance communication and develop new connections in their own professional lives.

Parallel Session B: Mobile Learning Projects
Chair: Frances Boylan, DIT Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre

Unfamiliarity with the technology is the main reason given by academic staff for not incorporating mobile technologies into their teaching and learning practices. The mobile learning project, facilitated by the LTTC, aims to support staff who want to experiment with mobile technologies in their classrooms but would like to do so within the structure of a pedagogically and technologically supported project. In this session, you will get to meet the lecturers who were involved in the project over the last semester; learn a little about the kinds of mobile technologies and apps they used with their students; experience firsthand some of those apps in use; and discuss their impact on student engagement.

The project website is and the participants are:

  • Trevor Boland (Disability Support Service)
  • Sara Boyd (School of Food Science & Environmental Health)
  • Colin Freeman (School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Daniel King (School of Hospitality management & Tourism)
  • Ann Hopper (School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Aidan Meade (School of Physics)
  • Kathy Young (School of Food Science & Environmental Health)

Parallel Session C: Curriculum Redesign Case Studies
Chair: Roisin Donnelly, DIT Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre

  • An evaluation of the use of Problem Based Learning and Film as a method of teaching and assessment for Social Care Students
    Anne Marie Shier, School of Languages, Law & Social Sciences
  • Technology enhanced learning – Using Socrative
    Nevan Bermingham, School of Hospitality Management & Tourism
  • Can The Use Of Online Learning And Reflective Journals Improve Students’ Performance For A Practically Taught Timber Jointing Module?
    Jennifer Byrne & Aidan Ryan, School of Architecture
  • Realising Final Year Undergraduate Projects Using Group Work
    Declan Allen, School of Spatial Planning and Transport Engineering

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