Keynote: Prof Chris Rust

Watch the Keynote Presentation

“Curriculum Design and Assessment”

Prof. Chris Rust, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, Oxford Brookes University

(Chair: Dr Brian O’Neill, Director of Research, Enterprise and Innovation Services)

Before retiring in September, 2014, after over 25 years at Oxford Brookes, Chris had been Associate Dean (Academic Policy). Previously, for ten years, he was Head of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD), and Deputy Director of the Human Resource Directorate. Between 2005 – 2010 he was also a Deputy Director for two Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning – ASKe (Assessment Standards Knowledge Exchange) and the Reinvention Centre for undergraduate research (led by Warwick University). He has researched and published on a range of issues including: the experiences of new teachers in HE, ways of diversifying assessment, and improving student performance through engagement in the marking process. Most recently, he has increasingly focused on researching and writing about assessment, including: improving student learning through active engagement with assessment feedback, and the significance of both explicit articulation and socialisation processes in improving students’ understanding of assessment requirements and assessment feedback.




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